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Imtinan Ahmad,
& Consultant

Imtinan is your business coach and sought after mentor, helping you ignite your business and your soul. You may not have met him before, but it can be said that he can feel you and put you on the success track. Working with him is your paramount strategy to achieve extraordinary results.

Some of the leading companies rely on business coaching on a regular basis for their business growth, and to achieve their business objectives. Partnering with Imtinan is the key to help you achieve great results, and in depth coaching sessions with him will keep you on your success path. During these sessions, you will be able to set clearcut and definitive goals and map out the action plans to achieve your targets.

Hiring Imtinan as your business coach is your very first step towards attaining the exponential growth of your business and to a happier, efficient and a more productive life. Imtinan’s methodologies have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, businesses, executives, and aspiring individuals all across the globe for their renewed success and contented life.

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Imtinan Ahmad is an award winning Entrepreneur and Pakistan’s leading Corporate Trainer, Keynote Speaker and a sought-after Organizational Performance Writer. He is the youngest Chartered Marketer in Pakistan. He is an MSc. in Marketing from Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, UK and he also holds an MBA degree in Marketing.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was my Bible when I was a little boy. I followed Charlie in being optimistic in every situation, and learnt the business operations from Willy Wonka. I even spent one summer marketing & promoting chocolates door to door to fellow kids.

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Kiya Aapko Lagta Hai ki current Government key Jaanay ka Waqt Aanay Wala Hai? 🤔

Comment your insights only! 💬👇

#pakistanipolitics #pdm #imrankhan #maryamnawaz #electionsinpakistan #imrankhanpti #bilawal #gujranwala

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Toynbee very rightly said:

"Civilization is a moment and not a condition, a voyage and not a harbour". 🗯💭

We live in a world of short-lived memory, with a memory of a gold fish. 🤺

Always remember that history repeats itself and one must always keep an eye on that. 🤔

Read more and follow the history, before history repeats itself. 🤗

#history #humanhistory #askimtinan #parhlo

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I don't want you to be rich, or famous, or powerful.😮

If you end up being one, that's a plus, but not an intention.

Life happens in unusual circumstances by challenging oneself. Life begins when you try hard to make your mark by bringing class and excellence in your work.

I just want you to be happy, contented and at peace, thriving each day to do something better. 🥰

Smile More & Live the Fullest. ❤

#dosomethingdifferent #lifeisbeautiful #smilemore #pakistanibloggers #askimtinan

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#insecurity #insecurities #askimtinan #lifeproblems #lifeissues #dallygram #dally #imtinan #islamabadgram #pakistani #karachifashion #lahorefashion

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Every chapter of history has mysterious stories that need to be told. 🤔

Lord Chelmsford (the then viceroy of India) may have laid the stone of Taxila's museum, Sir John Marshall (the then DG Archaeological Survey of India) may have played a significant role in its conception, but the real heroes can't be ignored. 🙁

The masons, diggers, mine workers, archaeological handymen, local and indigenous people, the poor habitants of the archaeological sites across the world sacrifice alot in finding the historical gems. ❤ Their contribution is never known and it never gets represented at the museums or in local economy.

They must not be ignored the way Pakistan has ignored the people of Taxila, Harrapa and Mohen Jo Daro. They have no role in local economy other than collecting a few tourist tickets. 🧠

They can do wonders and they need attention.

Let's ignore them no more. 🧡

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